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SMART assume responsibility for The Prebend Homeless Day Centre in Bedford

Today (30th August 2017) SMART took over the operation of The Prebend Homeless Centre in Bedford. SMART have been supporting BeChar (a Bedford based Charity) in managing the Centre since early 2017.

The Prebend Centre is located on Prebend Street in Bedford and is currently open 8.30-12 noon, 365 days per year. The Centre provides vital facilities and services for the homeless including food, showers, clothes, access to phones and postal services. Clinics are provided by nurses, dentists, chiropodists and vets, with workers at the Centre providing advocacy and support for the homeless and rough sleepers.

The Charity SMART support vulnerable adults, young people, families and those with complex needs to achieve and maintain a better quality of life. SMART have been operating community projects for over 20 years. Their services include drug and alcohol treatment, homeless and rough sleeper projects, well-being initiatives, criminal justice interventions, and support for individuals suffering domestic abuse.

Currently SMART are working closely with the existing team at Prebend to improve the facilities, processes and delivery. The main aim is to increase opening hours and provide targeted interventions for the homeless and rough sleepers to promote growth and change. By working closely with local partners and professionals SMART will focus on developing the life skills and infrastructure needed to enable those who use the centre to make plans for the future and move on.

SMART’s CEO, Cath Hoskins said “Prebend is special because of the local community support, without which it would not be able to run. It’s important that we continue to receive support and donations so that we can maintain and grow the centre. I encourage anyone in Bedford who would like to get involved to contact us.

SMART’s Chair of The Board Of Trustees, Shahin Bekhradnia commented “We are very happy to be able to continue the important work carried out at the centre and look forward to working with the community to give it a brighter future. I would like to personally thank the team at Prebend and the Trustees of BeChar for their commitment during the transition phase.”

Make a one-off donation to support the Centre – as little as £5 can feed up to 10 homeless people.

Interested in volunteering?

Read about how Bedford Modern Schools helped redecorate The SMART Prebend Centre.

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