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SMART is committed to achieving and maintaining high standards in all aspects of its operation, and to continually satisfy the expectations of our customers, in respect to service delivery.

To ensure this, SMART is committed to recruiting and developing the highest quality staff. The Human Resources team is here to manage and support the careers of all SMART employees through our policies on recruitment, learning and development, as well as reward.

In line with best practice and our commitment to diversity, SMART aims to attract and select the best people, who have the skills and competencies, to achieve the organisation's visions.

Our staff are expected to work according to: Drug and Alcohol National Occupational Standards (DANOS), Models of Care, Quality in Alcohol and Drugs Services Standards (QuADS) and any other recognised quality system relevant to the skill area.

SMART positively welcomes applications from ex-service users and are proud that many people in recovery now work with us.

SMART offers an induction programme to ensure people settle and integrate into the organisation, as quickly as possible. This is supported by an ongoing commitment to the development of all staff with regular supervision, annual appraisals and training opportunities.

To motivate and reward staff we offer competitive rates of pay, and an enhanced benefits package that we look to constantly revise and update.