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About Us

Our vision and values

Our vision

Recovery means much more than the absence of drug or alcohol problems.  Our vision is for people we work with achieving and maintaining a better quality of life, their hopes, and their aspirations.

Our mission

SMART is committed to working in partnership with all concerned, in order to reduce the destructive impact of problem drug and alcohol use, and to promote the health, safety and social wellbeing of the individual and the wider community.

Our values 

We are respectful

Respect needs to exist between worker and client, between individuals within the organisation, and between us and our partner agencies.

We are trustworthy

Ttust is the foundation of all successful client-worker relationships.

We are flexible

By encouraging workers’ creativity we increase the options for our clients, and help our staff to stay motivated.

We are perseverant 

We understand that recovery is a difficult journey, but it is a journey we are prepared to make.

We keep things simple

However complex the issues are, communication needs to stay as straightforward as possible.